Hi! My name is Megan, and I'm a nail polish addict.

-hiiiiiiiii megan-

I've been painting my nails every week since October 2011. When I first got started I only painted them every two or three weeks. Now I paint them every week, and every week is planned a theme in advance.

For those who know me in real life, or have a relationship with someone that knows me, I will paint nails.. For moneyyyyyyy! $$$
No but seriously. I thought my prices seemed pretty fair when I posted it on Facebook. I don't have a nail polish Facebook yet.. I really need one though.
I posted my prices as:

$5 for a simple manicure
+$2 per accent nail
$10 for a gradient manicure
$20 for a complicated manicure

I thought it seemed pretty fair. So if you know me, you know what to do. :D

I hope to make it big though in the nail polish.. Err.. Industry? Blogging.. Frenzy? But I know that's difficult. I don't even know how to start a line or make my own homemade nail polish. I'll figure it out eventually..

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