Friday, August 17, 2012

e.l.f. nail polish review and BATTLE OF THE FLAKIES!!!

So I got my e.l.f. nail polish shipment in the other day! Whooooo! I took advantage of the 50% off the whole website discount and bought me some more nail polish. Where can you go wrong with $1 nail polish? Originally, e.l.f. nail polish was $1, but they upped it to $2 for their new formula. And half off took it back down to $1 again. But still. $2 nail polish! That's always welcome in my home!

Now I want to clear everything up about e.l.f. nail polish. THEY ARE AMAZING. The quality is wonderful for $2, and I would definitely recommend that everyone buy it. It would save you a lot of money compared to the bigger brands. BUT the reviews saying that the smell is unbearable is very true. The gold sparkly one and flake one smelled the worst. OH LAWDY the gold one's smell punches you in the nose HARD. But all in all, you don't buy nail polish for the smell, you buy nail polish for the quality of the polish. Which in my book, they get an A+. Don't like it? Go buy scented nail polish.

1- Light Pink
2- Dark Glitter Purple
3- Coral Dream
4- Party Purple
5- Golden Goddess
6- Mango Madness
7- Fair Pink
8- Lilac
9- Dark Navy
10- Gum Pink
11- Mint Cream
12- Purple Pleaser
13- Mint Cream with differentDIMENSION's "Social Suicide"
14- Lilac with e.l.f. Fairy Dust

15- Dark Navy with two coats of Fairy Dust
16- Dark Navy with one coat of Essie's "Shine of the Times" (I forgot to top coat it)

Regardless of the top coat, you can obviously notice that Essie's flakies come in a larger quantity compared to e.l.f.'s. Not saying that e.l.f. is bad. I actually prefer e.l.f. over Essie a little bit. Only because the flakies aren't as harsh as Essie's. They're both cute, but it's up to you to decide!

My shark nails when I'm texting! Looking down makes me so happy. Nobody understands. @___@ Don't hate on my old phone and make-up stained screen. The sharks are like.. OM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM on my keyboard! It's so exciting. :DDDDD


  1. Awesome swatches! I've always seen the elf polishes on their website, but never really seen them on any blogs! Thanks for the swatches/review! My local target carries a lot of elf prodcuts, but never the polishes! What's up with that? I really wish that they would get some in!

    I nominated you for another blog award, the Leibster Award!

  2. I love Elf Polishes. I get confused when I see the occasional horrible review, and chalk it up to a fluke bottle. Every nail polish I've ever bought chips after a couple days or sooner without a good, solid top coat. So its silly to me when people complain about that. I love the colors, LOVE LOVE LOVE the way it glides on and of course I love the price. Elf is the easiest nail polish to apply that I've tried IMO. I like the elf flakies because I can do a light sparkle or a heavy sparkle with more coats. I have more control over it than some other brands. And I actually like the smell of the polish. THe glitter ones are strong, but the normal polish kinda smells like bananas to me lol