Thursday, September 20, 2012

China Care Package Received!

Many moons ago on Reddit, I stumbled across a post by chaosisorder. It was a picture of a nail store in China. It made me all giddy, and posted that she should send out some Chinese care packages. However, when I say this stuff, I don't expect it to happen. But it did! It did happen, and I did receive my care package!

Success! It didn't arrive as goop! Thank you so much, Chaos! I might not get started right away cause I'm ADD with nail art projects, but I will definitely be using all these foreign goodies in the near and far future! :D

There were also some painting brushes that I forgot to photograph!

 A book that I can't read but thankfully has step by step pictures showing me what to do. <3

Finally some striping tape! I can't believe I haven't gotten myself any yet. And nail sticker things! I'm most excited about the ones that look like little mirrors for your nails (they're at the bottom of the picture).


Also the cutest little baby bottle of Seche` Vite I've ever seen.

And here's Luke swatting and biting the tape.

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