Friday, August 10, 2012

My nail polish collection!!!

As of a few days ago, I counted all my nail polish bottles and reached the number of................
I thought I had more when I had finished counting them, but oh well! It's still a lot, and at least I broke the triple digits.

And still counting! I'm so addicted. I've already ordered more nail polish and I'm expecting to have them by next week. I ordered a bunch from e.l.f.. Even though I've heard not so great things, everyone deserves a chance! I also bought a couple of indie polishes from DIFFERENTdimension! I bought two polishes, one called 'Social Suicide' and the other called 'Purple People Eater'. I'll do reviews about them later! 'Purple People Eater' looks more of a Halloween polish so it will be a while before you hear back about that one.


  1. Awesome collection!! :D Isn't this hobby so ridiculously addictive??! *following!*

    1. Oh man, yes! I'm sure I've put well over $300 into my nail hobby! It's crazy!

  2. Hey, I've nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award! Your blog is really super, I think you should get it.

    I posted about it on my blog and linked to you, so you can read about it and nominate bloggers of your own if you want.