Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy birthday!

Today I turn 19! How exciting! To celebrate, I have some birthday nails to share with you. I actually did these Sunday, but I was able to hold off my excitement and wait until my actual birthday to post them. c:

The first time I did the cupcake, it turned out bubbly and awful and the confetti glitter polish I tried using for the sprinkles didn't look as good as I had imagined. I think they even caused the bubbles because I had to glob it in order to get the glitter where I wanted. I tore the first cupcake off because of that. The second cupcake (in the picture) turned out way better and not bubbly! 
BUT. When I took the first cupcake off, even though I had used two coats of base coat... My nail was stained orange. So I'm very fearful of taking this manicure off only to find natural orange nails. ; ~;

I used:
  • Seche Clear base coat
  • Zoya: Lara
  • Stripe Rite: Black, Hot pink, light blue, and a shimmery gold/yellow.
  • Maybelline Color Show: Porcelain Party
  • ULTA: Piñata-yada-yada
  • Essie: Lollipop
  • Seche Vite top coat (left hand)
  • Essie Good-to-go top coat (right hand)

I used different top coats because I had ordered the Essie top coat online and received it that day. Without thinking, I grabbed what I needed and headed over to my boyfriend's house with my Seche Vite instead of the Essie Good-to-go.


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