Thursday, August 9, 2012

Black Poppy Polishes.

Like I mentioned previously, I'm going to review these Black Poppy brand polishes for you! They don't seem to have names on the bottoms. The only thing that changed were some numbers. The creme polish was 0010 and the glitter polish was 0020.
I picked these babies up from Pac Sun for $3.99 if I remember correctly.

The polishes are amazing. I want to compare them to OPI because they just cover the nail perfectly. They aren't too liquid-y; They're not too thick. It takes two coats (three if you want that extra sparkle for the glitter polish) and look lovely. 

I made a mess though when I was putting the glitter polish on the nail wheel. And the creme suffered a little damage.. :p

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  1. Can you still find these style of polish? I've been looking for the purple version of this style and have had the hardest time. Can you offer any insight? Thanks