Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My nail wheels currently.

 A quick note before the post. Um, if anyone can help me out with figuring out how to get tabs into this profile it would be much appreciated.. I can't figure out this website and HTML for the life of me. I want tabs so everything is easier to access and all that hooplah. :c (I'm playing around with my settings right now, don't freak out when things are changing. I think I've got this!)

I have some nail wheels I'd like to share with everyone! Bear with me, I have no patience for my nail wheels and use them to get a basic idea across. When I do my actual nails though, they must be perfect. c:

For my first nail wheel, we'll start at the one facing our 12 o'clock which is the pale blue flowery one and go clockwise. 

The pale blue flower nail was actually inspired by my deodorant! I thought it was a cute design, so.. Why not?
Next is the glitter gradient pink one with a ribbon and heart jewel, which was based on my Victoria's Secret lotion bottle. Again, why not?
Next is the Triforce, then Pokemon inspired designs, Calico Cat print, Snow Leopard print, Pale green with gold dust (I don't remember the name for this mani design), Crackle, Gunter from Adventure Time, a Cotton Candy glitter look, Revlon's Moon Candy, Cheater Galaxy with glitter dust thrown on it, a cheesy heart with red and purple glitter, an interesting twist on a french mani I saw on Google, more glitter, and Cherry Blossoms/ Arizona Tea can.

My second nail wheel includes swatching lots of glitter, Fish tail, a 3/4th (?) moon mani based off of my hair dresser's blouse, more glitter fun, hot pink zebra stripes, Dry marbling (Or what I like to call: Glob-that-shit-and-marble-it around-before-it-dries), vintage vertical stripes, horizontal stripes based off of my index card box, 3 nails for Pink Floyd (even though I've never been a huge fan, I just thought the concept was interesting), an anchor, and ugly owl that I gave up on, and... Glitter.

My third nail wheel went through some of my rage when I couldn't do blood splattering properly. That's when I realized I could do circles, but for splatter I needed smaller straws. WHICH I STILL NEED TO GET BECAUSE IT'S ALMOST SHARK WEEK!
On this wheel I swatched some lost metallics I stumbled across, some mint chocolate ice cream nails, cupcake nails, some crazy thing that looks like a dots party, my tuxedo and red dress (when I actually did the tuxedos I added bow ties), a little more dry marbling, a beachy theme, cotton candy, and a pink and blue and silver glitter than shines so amazingly bright and sparkly. I could stare at it all day.

I have one more wheel but I have neglected to take pictures of it. You aren't missing out on much anyways. On my fourth wheel I've been swatching my new Zoyas and Essie Luxeffects. I've also been swatching some ULTA polishes as well as some Black Poppy polishes I picked up from Pac Sun. I will probably do a review on the Black Poppy polishes later. :D

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