Sunday, September 2, 2012

Zipper nails! With tutorial!

These almost make me feel like I have Louboutin nails. Or kinky latex fetish costume nails.

Scroll down for the tutorial! 

They're pretty cool I guess, but lately I've been having like... Really bad nail art block. I want to wash these off already. It's crazy. @___@

For this mani I used:

  • China Glaze Base Coat
  • Butter London 'Snog'
  • OPI 'Black Onyx'
  • Stripe Rite silver and black (to fix mistakes and sharpen the zip sides)
  • Essie's Top Coat 'Good To Go' 
I think I put the top coat on too soon, as it dragged around the sparkles from the silver.. But the silver and gold Stripe Rites take forever to dry! It's crazy because the black Stripe Rite dries after I blink.

 Zippers Tutorial
Remember to clean as you go!

Step 1: Paint your accent nails red. Or whatever color you want. And whatever accent nails you want. Also, those are my natural nails.. They are yellowed and gross looking because I've been painting my nails for about a straight year. I don't give them a chance to breathe. I also rip my polish off instead of soaking them off with acetone. I hate the way cotton balls feel and refuse to touch them.

Step 2: Add the black to the other nails.

Step 3: Add the.. Zipper sides.. We can pretend it's a jacket. Add the jacket to the accent nails! My ring finger nail came out a bit wobbly, so I had to fix it with the Stripe Rite.

Step 4: Zip that shit up! For this you'll patiently dab little silver lines along the sides and down the middle. Then add a zipper. You can color it in fully then go back and add black dots in it to give it a real zipper-like effect.

Step 5: No picture. But you'll add zippers to the black nails that go straight up because those jackets aren't unzipped. :D

And that's it! Zipper nails!


  1. Wow this is genius! You always come up with the funnest designs <3

  2. I love love LOVE your zipper nails! They are hot!! <3