Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Butter London BOGO sale at ULTA.

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So I have been waiting like, two weeks for this day to come. I had always been thinking, 'September 10th, September 10h, September 10th.... Butter London BOGO....' Oh man, I was way too excited for this event.
The previous week or two before I had been there for the $2 ULTA polish but decided to get carried away and buy some China Glaze for B2G1 and another brand of polish I forget what brand at the moment.. Then I went to the Butter London display to get an idea of what I wanted. One of the workers shared her excitement for the event and how she was in dire need of Lovely Jubbly from the fall collection. She also told me to get there as soon as they open because by the end of the day, all the good colors would probably be gone. 

ULTA opens at 10:00am.

I didn't exactly believe that people would be so crazy about Butter London that the best colors would be gone by the end of the day, but boy was I wrong. I completely underestimated her.

I have class Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And since the 10th was Monday, I had to plan out my day. I have a break from 9:25am to 10:40am, I figured I would go during that time. I mean, what else would I do with my time?

So I drive to ULTA, park and all that good jazz. I pick up my Philosophy book and read over the part I was absent for and wait for the ULTA doors to open. As I'm waiting, and reading (sort of), I look around and notice other people sitting in their cars in front of ULTA with me. I thought to myself with complete disregard of others' schedules, "They can't possibly be waiting for Butter London. I'm the only one crazy enough to do this. Who would wake up so early for this anyways? I'm already awake so it only makes sense!"

But they were. We were all waiting for the doors to open. And when they finally did, I made my way up there to join the rest of the early birds to find them all crowding the Butter London display.

Also, while walking into the store, I ran into the employee girl that I spoke with previously about Butter London. She was with her boyfriend. He was the one that would buy her nail polish because employees weren't allowed to buy until after 4:00pm.

So here I am, picking colors out and having a blast. I decide that I will have 8 Butter Londons. With 6 in my hands, I learn that there's a limit of 4 per customer. My heart sank.

The girl told me that I should make her boyfriend buy me the other 4 while I buy the first 4. I gladly took this offer. I bought my 4 with my debit card, and gave him $40 to buy the other 4.



Pink Ribbon

West End Wonderland

The Full Monty

Teddy Girl




The Black Knight
Gobsmacked (2 coats), The Black Knight (3 coats), Blagger (1 coat), West End Wonderland (1 coat), The Full Monty (1 coat)

The three in the middle: Teddy Girl (1 coat), Pink Ribbon (2 coats), Knackered (3 coats)

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