Monday, December 24, 2012

I decked the FREAKING halls.

So everyone is doing Christmas lights on their nails so it only makes sense that I decorate my nails with Christmas lights as well. But I wanted to use thread for the best/precise Christmas lighting string. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh lawdy lawdy lawdy I completely underestimated it. I thought it would be easy.. But nooooooooooo no no no it was not. Well, it wasn't too difficult. And when I painted my dominant hand, I was able to get a close enough comparison that I'm very proud of.

To start off, I used OPI's 'Don't Pretzel My Buttons' as a base for the glitter because:
  1. Glitter sucks to take off by itself.
  2. I was afraid the glitter wouldn't be strong enough to cover the nail by itself.
Oh! Also, both of my thumbs are broken and I'm in a terrible state of denial. I refuse to accept the fact that my nails are broken.

What I used for this mani:

  • China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat
  • OPI 'Don't Pretzel My Buttons'
  • China Glaze 'I'm Not Lion'
  • Stripe Rite: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Black, Metallic-ish White, White
  • Sally Hansen (Gold striper that I don't remember the name of and am too lazy to check)
  • Sephora 'It's Real 18k Gold'
  • Black thread
  • Red jewels
  • Seche` Vite

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