Thursday, November 1, 2012

The much anticipated gradient graveyard tutorial. (Well, just the gradient part)

I'm a bit lazy.. But I did show my gradient process. c:

On a side note, I won first place in 'It's So Easy''s Halloween themed polish contest. Thank you, gradient graveyard. You will always be remembered. <3
And thank you again, gradient graveyard, for the 70+ followers and 6000+ notes received on Tumblr.

I never thought people would enjoy gradient graveyard so much.

Step 1: Lay down your base coat.

Step 2: Using a make-up wedge, blotch your second polish color to your desired spot. I recommend closer to the top. And for the bottom half, I do a second coat to make it seem darker on its own.

Step 3: Sponge your base color over the second polish color for a better blending.

Step 4: Sponge your third polish color over the second polish color. Then if you want, sponge the second color back over the third color to yet again, blend it better. (I don't think I did because my second and third color are relatively similar)

Step 5: Sponge your fourth polish color. 

Step 6: Yuck! That didn't look good, huh? Well, grab your second polish color and sponge over the fourth color. Then, sponge your first polish color over the second, third, and fourth ever so slightly.

Step 7: Yay, that looks nice. Now, FAIRY DUST!

Step 8: The rest of creating gradient graveyard is all thanks to these bad boys right here. And a steady hand. And my ever-growing ambidexterity.

Also, the removing of gradient graveyard. (I don't like cotton balls, so I avoid them as much as possible)

Bonus cat:

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